Help & FAQ

Where Are Your Manufacturing Facilities Located?

Jersey Lily have a company owned production unit based in Kashmir India. Our mission has always been to work with village-based artisans across region the employing their regional textile skills and specialties. This commitment has helped preserve the traditional of this crafts and created employment opportunities in rural areas.

Are All Jersey Lily Products Handmade?

Yes, all our products are handmade using hand-woven, hand block-fabrics and vegetable dyes as far as possible.We realize that the selections we create today will effect the future of our sphere. As a result, we are steadfast to constantly improving our sustainability and are proud to work with natural, renewable and eco-friendly fibres including cotton and wool. We work with groups to upkeep sustainable practices in crewel production, we invest in our people, understanding that they are at the very heart of everything we do. We know that today's actions will shape the future, which is why focusing on handmade products has always been a part of our story. Today, the textile and the home furnishing industry understand the urgent need to change the ways the items are manufactured.

Do Jersey Lily Sizes Conform to International Norms?

There are no true international norms for home textiles as every company tends to have its own sizing standards. Please refer to our Size Guide where we have suggested basic guidelines of how Jersey Lily sizing compares to other international sizing. The best approach is to take your own measurements and compare these to our measurement charts.

What Are the Advantages of Handloom Fabrics?

The handloom process and techniques of production gives the textile a unique character.

How Do I Shop Online for Wholesale?

Please refer to our home page which walks you through the shopping process.

How Will I Know If You Have Received My Order?

During the payment process you will be given a confirmation you will also be given an order confirmation number through an email from Jersey Lily.